google-glassIt doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see the potential of Google Glass or similar wearables when encountering people in everyday situations, at events, while commuting or even in job interviews and looking to find more information about the persons you meet. Facial recognition technology in Glass, combined with online data, will take meeting with people to another dimension. While face recognition in Glass has currently been disallowed by Google, retrieving people data isn’t among the things being restricted in developer policies. There’s signs of an application bringing people recognition technology to Glass within the foreseeable future.

App coming to Google Glass in 2014

People+, a People Search Directory App, has officially announced coming to Glass in 2014. In a recent interview by innovation blog VentureBeat with Founder and CEO Peter Berger, the company states that businesses not developing for wearable are going to be left in the dust. People+ considers itself a wearable-first company. Berger explains:

“We want to provide professionals with the information necessary to help them better understand two key questions: Who am I talking to, and why. We realised when we created People+ that most often those questions were answered, with any luck, serendipitously in mid-conversation. Is that a way to get things done? We think not.”

On-the-go LinkedIn challenger

The App will look up people and companies you are doing business with and discover how people are connected to each other on-the-go. However, it will be less reliant on self-reporting and more on the data provided by the People+ community and web resources. With this the company seeks to differentiate itself from existing tools like LinkedIn.

The App is also available on iOS. Below the company’s video demo showing how the Glass app might work.