Hello Talent Reloaded

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Screenshot 2016-04-04 11.46.21Today Paris-based leading developer of cloud-based talent-management software Talentsoft officially releases the new interface of their free Hello Talent product, which aims to make talent sourcing easy and more collaborative. Last week Hello Talent already presented the […]

Is Slack becoming the ultimate Recruitment Platform?

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App-DirectoryIn my recent speaking session about recruitment technology innovations at the brilliant Recruitment Tech Event in The Netherlands I kicked off with mentioning Slack as one of the most innovative technologies to change the face of recruitment in […]

Hello Talent: Talent Sourcing Made Easy

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hellotalent_logoOther than finding best talent, one of the challenges still faced by many sourcers and recruiters is how to organize talent pools. This challenge usually breaks down into three categories: 1. How to organize online search results and aggregate information from […]

Interview: Vistaprint’s Marisca Kooij about HR Technology in Talent Acquisition

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For HR Tech Europe we spoke with Marisca Kooij, Director Talent Acquisition Europe for Vistaprint, about the role of HR technology in Talent Acquisition.

This post has originally been published on the HR Tech Europe blog as part of a series […]

Technology Toolbox 101: Mobile and Social Recruiting

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ToolboxThe high volume demands of recruiting in the 21st century drive hiring professionals’ search for the next best thing for finding talent. Recruiters have always been quick on the uptake when it comes to new and innovative technology, especially if […]