Talent Sourcing

To get the most talented people standard recruitment solutions are just inadequate. Only 10 percent of relevant and experienced talent is actively looking for a role at any given moment in time. That means that 90 percent of candidates relevant for your roles is not engaged in job searches at all. The best candidates typically amongst them.

Talent Sourcing refers to the identification and uncovering of talent through proactive recruiting techniques. It is regarded as a highly specialized area in recruitment, using various tools and techniques often related to social media, to build talent pipelines.

Specialist in Talent Sourcing

Recruiting Essentials specializes in Talent Sourcing in the EMEA region and uses advanced sourcing techniques, like Boolean Search, to find and attract the best talented people for your organisation.

Specialist in Recruitment

Recruiting Essentials has 15+ years of experience in recruitment of professionals for Finance, Legal, IT, Marketing, Sales, Communications, Human Resources, Procurement, Project Management, Engineering and support functions in all educational and experience levels for profit and non profit.

Recruiting Essentials has previously been contracted by Sonos, Rabobank International, ProRail, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek and Dutch Railways and has successfully handled requisitions for the City of Amsterdam, Nike, Seminis, Syngenta, Dell Benelux, TomTom, Holland Casino, Heineken International, LG Electronics, Yarden, Vodafone, UPC and the Ministry of Justice.